Tyre services in Springsure


Car repair — Tyre service in Springsure, QLD
At Outback Tyres, we are more than just a tyre service. We provide full repairs and maintenance for your passenger, SUV and 4WD vehicles with an array of vehicle parts available to keep you driving safely in all conditions. Having your vehicle serviced regularly is just one way to keep your family safe, as well as other drivers on the road. A car that is not running smoothly is not going to be a safe car!

We provide a range of services to keep your vehicle in top performing condition, and can handle routine inspections, general repairs for light vehicles, tyre rotations and suspension servicing. Rest easy and feel confident your car is in good and safe working condition, while also saving money over time. During routine inspections, we find repairs that are needed and tackle them while they are still minor, before they have the opportunity to worsen and become more complex and expensive.

Why choose Outback Tyres for your tyre services and more in Springsure?

Workshop — Tyre service in Springsure, QLD
We are committed to offering services that are effective, thorough and high quality. Our team is highly trained in all aspects of light vehicle inspection, suspension systems and tyres, so we can provide a quality service you can count on. When you leave our shop, you’ll know with certainty that your car or truck is running as it should, on tyres that are specially designed for your vehicle. We take your safety very seriously, and we strive to ensure that every job is completed to the highest level of our ability. Whether you need a simple tyre rotation or alignment, or a thorough inspection of all major systems in your vehicle, we have the training and skills needed to provide the servicing you require.
Vehicle oil — Tyre service in Springsure, QLD

General servicing

Our team provides general servicing, such as routine inspections, brake and pad repairs, tyre rotations, oil changes and more. If you need these services, give us a call and make an appointment with our trained automotive technicians and tyre specialists in Springsure.


Car inspection — Tyre service in Springsure, QLD

Minor Repairs

If you need minor repairs or replacement parts, our team can handle it. We are fully committed to offering an array of services to keep your vehicle working at maximum capacity. Our goal is to perform detailed repairs while they are still minor, eliminating the need for major repairs later.

Car under body — Tyre service in Springsure, QLD

Under body suspension

Your suspension system is not only crucial for the smoothness of the ride you experience in your vehicle, but also for your safety. Your suspension system helps you control your vehicle, so you can effectively stay in your lane and steer the car. Our mechanic can also do an inspection of the underbody. We can help keep this important system in top-notch shape.