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There are many reasons having quality tyres on your vehicle is important. Worn, cracked or aging tyres can cause serious accidents on the road and are far more likely to hydroplane during wet weather. Having your tyres inspected and replaced is imperative to your safety and the safety of those around you. When you see that your tread is becoming smooth, it’s time to look into getting new tyres for your vehicle!

At Outback Tyres, we make choosing and installing tyres simple, easy and affordable. We will not only perform an honest assessment of your existing tyres but can help you find the best option to suit your car or truck. Our team can service a full range of vehicles including heavy machinery, such as earthmovers and farming equipment. We are committed to providing every customer with quality automotive solutions they can count on.

Bald tyres are hard on your vehicle. Without proper tread, your vehicle does not get good gas mileage, leading to significant fuel costs over time. This can also lead to your shocks and your suspension system wearing down faster.

We not only provide quality tyres and installation, but also offer a range of other vehicle parts and fixtures. Our team is also trained in performing wheel alignments and rotations to ensure your tyres are wearing evenly on the road. If you need new parts and servicing, give us a call and we will be happy to make an appointment for your vehicle. Additionally, we have a petrol station on site, so you can fill up with fresh petrol or diesel during your appointment.

Tyre service — Tyre service in Springsure, QLD

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If you are ready for new, quality tyres then give us a call. We are here for you no matter what your needs, and we are committed to making your vehicle run its best on tyres that will last.